… the platform for integrated network management in WAN/LAN and IT infrastructures.

How ERAMON evolved

ERAMON GmbH is the result of a development that started in the early 90’s, when the Hassler & Mair GmbH began to build a wide-area network which was to become one of the first operated with MPLS-technology. Since these early days, the demands on IT infrastructures in respect of speed, complexity and the diversity in technologies have increased dramatically. Parallel to these demands, the challenges faced in the management of such networks have also risen considerably.

These years of practical experience in this environment led to the founding of ERAMON (Engineering, Rollout and Management of Networks) in 2002. This is an integrated and modular network and system management solution which allows for the efficient and flexible management and monitoring of WAN/LAN infrastructures (as well as MPLS networks). Through the consolidation of the employed resources, ERAMON can help to increase the quality of the network management while reducing the level of investment required. Our many satisfied customers, a list of which can be seen in the testimonials section, are proof of this.


Over the last few years, stable and secure WAN/LAN infrastructures have become increasingly important for the success of enterprises across the market spectrum and in all areas of business. New applications demand more system resources and a trend towards virtualization requires more flexibility within the network. An increased demand for bandwidths on the one hand and the sensible use of investments on the other, increased mobility and flexibility of applications and users as well as certified safety standards – these are the challenges faced by operators of IT/Telecomms networks.

In order to cope in this dynamic environment, more and more tools are needed to meet the prescribed quality standards for the areas: inventory, fault analysis, bandwidth management, line administration, SLA monitoring, etc. Beyond the expensive initial purchasing costs, it will become increasingly difficult to manage a mixture of software tools. Because individual solutions have an impact on processes which have an effect on and permeate each other, each individual upgrade exponentially increases the administrative time and effort invested and can thus result in enormous costs, which cannot be calculated in advance. Consequently, many enterprises are trying to consolidate the tools currently available in the WAN/LAN sector, to streamline processes and to reduce costs. Exactly this premise for the consolidation of software tools was the foundation for the development of ERAMON.


This software represents the first tool that consolidates the operation and administration of WANs/LANs on one platform. As of now you no longer need different programs; information is transparently available for you and all operations can be performed from one central point. With its combination of flexible and turnkey modules, ERAMON offers an excellent and comprehensive end-to-end management solution for heterogenic IT infrastructures.