The ERAMON CENTER together with the ERAMON SAT Systems form the cornerstones of ERAMON’s architecture.

The CENTER takes the role of the central function and data management unit.

One or more SAT Systems operate as data collectors on the network and communicate with the devices (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, etc.).

This architecture makes the whole system highly scalable.


Some other features:

Guarantees safety and security of critical network areas, such as DMZ.

Latencies can be significantly reduced through intelligent positioning.

The smallest basic unit consists of a CENTER and a SAT:

  • CENTER: GUI can be reached via browser, centralized database
  • SAT: a separate server to poll the devices, traps and syslog receivers

CENTER and SAT can be set up redundantly. The number of SATs is an important factor for the scaling.

Depending on your requirements, further components are available and might be necessary:

  • EPM: a pure database server for saving polled measurements
  • CustomerPS: a dedicated server for external logins, e.g. located in the DMZ
  • Traffic Analysis Server: a dedicated server for saving the flows
  • Messaging Server: a central trap/syslog receiver

Architecture example:

System Requirements

Depending on the application or the number of the devices, ERAMON distinguishes between 3 expansion stages:

  • Classic: for example: quad-core, 16GB RAM, 4+146 GB SAS HDD
  • Performance: for example: hexa-core, 24GB RAM, 8+146 GB SAS HDD
  • Ultra Performance: for example: 2x hexa-core, >486GB RAM, 4x 146 GB SAS HDD, 1-2x 600GB SSD

The OS used is: CentOS 8 Stream. The database used is: MySQL.

An important scaling factor is the number of SATs. The smallest application requires just one SAT.