• Clean separation of business units
  • Optimum management of resources for multiple Managed Service customers
  • Data safety and security


For the administration of different network areas, customers frequently require organizational units separated by customer, subsidiary or department. With ERAMON this can be realized with one software and on one hardware platform, simply one system.

With the multi-tenancy function you can set up as many organizational units as required easily.

A multi-tenancy user concept ensures the overall access to the data. Comprehensive reporting can be achieved with the Premium Reporting module.

The CENTER and SAT architecture allows individual scaling of each tenant.

This allows the efficient administration of several networks with one management system.

All users have access to the full range of modules and functions in accordance with the chosen licensing plan.

The management of several customers in the Managed Service area:

  • A separate tenant is set up for each customer.
  • Depending on the size of the network and the requirements, one or more SATs are implemented on the customer’s network and assigned to the tenant accordingly.
  • This would keep all the data of the customer, as well as the corresponding fault, configuration, accounting, and performance management, separate from each other.
  • Managed Service users with multi- tenant permissions have access to all tenants and data.