• You create your own dashboards
  • You determine the set of data to be contained in the report
  • You analyse the network data in real-time
  • You create pixel-perfect reports


ERAMON’s Reporting feature offers users various options to create meaningful reports.

Whether you are creating regular reports for customers or individual reports for management, ERAMON will ensure your reports are of the best quality and in real time.

Even the basic module of ERAMON provides you already with a number of essential reports for your day-to-day operations.


Standard Reporting

The Standard Reporting distinguishes between two different types of reports: Prepared reports, with fixed pages integrated on the GUI and the Standard Reporter, which allows the user to create reports within a pre-set format, where the content can be adjusted to customer needs. The finished reports can be sent individually or regularly, based on the customer’s defined schedule.

Prepared Reports

  • Carrier
  • SLA
  • VLAN
  • Devices
  • Performance
  • EPM


Standard Reporter

The user can run standard reports manually or set up an automated schedule when they are to be sent by email or uploaded to a specified share.

Reports can be sent in pdf and/or csv format.


The following types of reports are available:

  • EPM
  • VLAN Report (Device)
  • VLAN Report (Terminals)
  • VLAN Report (Ports)


Depending on the selected report, parameters and contents can be defined individually, such as:

  • Device
  • Device Group
  • Port
  • Port Group
  • Customers
  • Performance Measurements
  • Data Aggregation Level
  • and many more