Asset Management


  • You get a record of the status of your network inventory information automatically and up to date
  • All relevant information is consolidated on one database
  • You can combine inventory and performance data for reports


This application module contains, among others, information on equipment and software, etc., which may be required for updating data on an ERP system.

  • Locations and/or network topology
    Displayed in table format and, if required, in graphical form, giving the status info.
  • MAC addresses and/or IP addresses
  • Technology: routers/switches, terminals, with their manufacturer, model, specs and serial numbers
  • Inventory numbers with automatic location identification – also if the location has changed
  • Assignments to, for example, departments, subsidiaries, cost centers, etc.
  • Commercial data, such as price/cost, runtimes of service contracts, purchase dates, warranties, etc.
  • Vendor data, for example equipment and infrastructure
  • Historical comparisons of the specs of components at two particular points in time
  • Comprehensive mapping functions for editing data that was transmitted via SNMP