Asset Management


This application module contains, among others, information on equipment and software, etc., which may be required for updating data on an ERP system.

  • Locations and/or network topology
    Displayed in table format and, if required, in graphical form, giving the status info.
  • MAC addresses and/or IP addresses
  • Technology: routers/switches, terminals, with their manufacturer, model, specs and serial numbers
  • Inventory numbers with automatic location identification – also if the location has changed
  • Assignments to, for example, departments, subsidiaries, cost centers, etc.
  • Commercial data, such as price/cost, runtimes of service contracts, purchase dates, warranties, etc.
  • Vendor data, for example equipment and infrastructure
  • Historical comparisons of the specs of components at two particular points in time
  • Comprehensive mapping functions for editing data that was transmitted via SNMP