ERAMON assists network administrators in the successful performance of their wide range of daily tasks. When you apply the FCAPS model you will find an ERAMON module for each component of the FCAPS model.

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Fault Management

The fault management section allows the administrator to detect and rectify network incidents. This also includes the identification of potential future issues. The relevant users can start the process to prevent these issues from reoccurring. Using fault management thus ensures a high operational availability of the network, while keeping downtimes to a minimum. ERAMON offers the required functions within the following modules:

Configuration Management

An efficient configuration management system ensures that devices are correctly configured according to the current guidelines. It also offers a way to return corrupt devices back into operation, since an efficient management tool saves and holds the configurations of all devices separately. The configuration management also maintains an inventory of equipment for all relevant devices. This forms the basis on which devices are kept up-to-date. The following ERAMON modules provide all the necessary features in this context:

Accounting Management

The accounting level, sometimes also referred to as Administration, deals with the optimum distribution of resources, to ensure that all users can access the capacities as intended and specified for them. As the name suggests, at this stage and level we are also dealing with the accurate visualization of services and performances used. By incorporating the required functions on one platform ERAMON offers a wide range of reporting and calculation options as part of the following modules:

Performance Management

The monitoring of network performance is an essential and critical part of the management. It involves a proactive analysis of network activity and in its course delivers crucial information for important decisions, affecting planning as well as the current operations. Avoid bottlenecks before they occur. The following modules assist you in these tasks:

Security Management

It is not possible to ensure and guarantee the safety and security of complex networks with one product alone, only the finely tuned interactions of several functions and mechanisms can ensure this. One of them lies in the network management itself, with its focus on separating the roles and responsibilities of administrators and users, as well as ensuring traceability of all changes made. ERAMON offers various functions and mechanisms to ensure and guarantee this safety and security, such as: