Carrier Management


  • You manage all carriers on one platform
  • You create transparency on coverage, utilization, and the demand
  • You identify savings potentials with the help of integrated checkpoints
  • You eliminate sources for errors


The Carrier Management application module is excellent for the documentation of the circuit inventory. All relevant data, such as addresses, circuit types, order management, connection types, service contracts, runtimes and dates, etc., are easily administered. All participants: carrier, customer, vendor, work with the same data. This makes frequent phone calls due to insufficient date management and endless negotiations because of inscrutable billings a thing of the past.

ERAMON’s integrated database makes the circuit inventory available to view and use in other modules.

Aspects of a circuit

Technical aspects:

  • A wide range of circuit technologies
    leased line, dial-up, trunk, multichannel
  • Bandwidth differentiation
    physical, guaranteed, burst, effective
  • Illustration of multiple connections
    leased line, leased line with backup, point-to-multipoint
  • With custom fields for each circuit type you could specify that certain parameters only have to be recorded for an ISDN connection, for example, but not for leased lines.

Commercial aspects:

With a product you can gather a wide variety of circuit types. These can then be recorded as one circuit. A bundle is an optional collection of products which allows you, for example, to visualize purchase related framework (outline) contracts with a carrier, or to track and trace sales related contracts with internal/external customers.

Cost Control

  • Currencies
  • Managing the costs for all data circuits, connections, devices, etc., as well as one-off and running costs which can be recorded on a daily-pro-rata basis.
  • Billing data is made available, also for special editions such as DTAG TDN, and transferred to ERP systems such as SAP.
  • Contracts (customer and carrier)
  • Cost Centers
  • Differentiation of purchase costs (carriers) and sales prices (customers)


Within Carrier Management a workflow has been specified for circuits.

A status change is carried out either by manual or by automated processes. Once a circuit has been fully set up in ERAMON (“Entered on” status), the system will automatically create, for example, an order form via the SCI for the carrier and, if and when activated, this will be automatically transmitted to the carrier (“Ordered” status).

Custom Fields

In addition to the custom fields in the basic module, individually definable input or selection fields are also possible in Carrier Management and available for these areas:

  • Invitations for Offers
  • Circuits
  • Product Bundle
  • Prices/Costs
  • Products


  • Email notifications when the next termination deadline is approaching
  • Monitoring of SLAs and any potential contractual fines
  • Geographical illustration of the network structure
  • A wide variety of analyses, such as bandwidths/costs over time periods, regions, circuit status etc.
  • Deadline monitoring/status pollings/deadline control
  • Accounting control with EDIFACT, manually via GUI or automated
  • Forecast calculations and cost analyses
  • Performance analyses (in combination with Performance Management module)

Transmission Interfaces

The SCI allows the automated transfer of orders, change requests, or invitations for offers to carriers. A template can be recorded for each mode of transfer; this can then be completed at the time of transfer (text, pdf or xml).

The CCI allows the automated transmission of the order status to end customers. A template can be recorded for each status (order with the carrier, change requests, etc.), this can then be completed at the time of transmission (rtf).