Topology View


  • You can see the current status of your network in its geographical context.
  • You can immediately identify local dependencies.
  • You have a good overview of complex network structures based on topological views in real time.
  • You receive an automatically generated view of your network.
  • You can see the status of your network at a glance
  • You have easy access to other applications of your work environment.


Topology View offers a full geographical visualization of your network architecture based on the data of OpenStreetMap®.

Automated processes record all connections, devices, and components of your network, and ensure the view is up-to-date at all times.

The “Clustering by Distance” feature in the Topology View ensures you always have a clear overview. The devices are grouped by distance. Making the navigation on the map easy and efficient – important information is quickly detected.

Topology View provides a comprehensive performance overview of your network, e. g. bandwidth utilization – weathermap. You will have a clear overview of the status of your infrastructure across various levels, and all that at a glance.

Schematic View

In the schematic view, all devices of a cluster that are at the same geographical location, are shown in one dialog box. The geographical arrangement of the devices is done automatically, to ensure you have a clear view.

The arrangement of the devices can easily be adjusted manually.

You will really benefit from the clear overview of the schematic view for complex subnetworks.

Individual Links

Customized links allow quick and easy access to websites in ERAMON, on the internet, or even external, web-based applications. You can create links based on your individual needs and preferences and thus optimize your work processes.

This gives you smooth and easy navigation with increased efficiency when using different applications, without having to exit the Topology View.

Use this function to further improve your productivity and optimize your working processes even further.

Open Architecture

The open architecture makes the integration of other data sources into the Topology View easy.

You would like more information on issues such as cyber attacks, weather data, GPS data of service personnel, radio towers, and much more?

Not a problem!

Get in touch with us, and we will gladly integrate your data into the view. We will always keep your individual requirements at the forefront of our work, and we will support you in your efforts to tailor the Topology View to your specific needs.