Transparent circuit management for IT networks on one single platform

We have been relying on ERAMON since 2008 and benefit from the advantages of the integrated and homogenous system. The modules Carrier Management, Performance Management, Asset Management, as well as the customer portal, which are all used under license, obtain their data from a harmonized database. No elaborate exchange of data between different applications and data sources is required, resulting in greatly improved efficiency and considerable process optimizations. We have access to an up-to-date and tailormade overview of the KPIs relevant to our daily operations at any time. ERAMON is a software solution that provides us on one integrated platform with all the data we need to manage our circuits.

The clear separation of the main application and customer portal gives our IT department as well as our customers a very effective and powerful access to the exact information required.

The decision to go with ERAMON was based on our need for a solution that would solve our central problems:

  • How do we gain a real time overview of all our WAN circuits, their corresponding terminals, as well as their current status?
  • How can we use our existing resources most efficiently and avoid unnecessary ones?
  • How will we manage the ever-increasing demands on a powerful IT infrastructure without losing oversight or even control?
  • How do we maintain our flexibility in the selection of the carrier?


This is how we benefit from using ERAMON:

  1. In areas such as circuit coverage/load/requirements we were able to establish transparency and uncover redundancies, leading to considerable improvements in the efficiency of our daily operations.
  2. All important information is kept on one database and is thus up-to-date and available at any time. No more sources for errors or delays creeping in due to data transfers or currently running data refreshers between different sources of data. ERAMON also provides a single point of truth (SPoT).
  3. The excellent performance of the platform is a result of the combination of data, such as:
  • Circuits and their costs, contract periods, etc.
  • Performance measurements
  • Devices and their equipment
  • Maintenance information
  • Locations
  • Customers
  • Cost Centers
  • and much more
  1. Using ERAMON systems as a SPoT opened up substantial saving potentials (we were, for example, able to save 60,000 Euros per year when we identified and subsequently switched off a redundant circuit). Integrated controls and checkpoints enable a quick and easy identification of sensible saving potentials in a range of areas:
    1. Finance
    2. Technical checks – IT
    3. NOC – Network Operation Center
    4. AS-IS comparisons or ABC analyses by department
  2. With the help of ERAMON we can ensure in that we do not pay for inactive circuits in these areas. The responsible teams can thus meet their goals of using all resources most efficiently.
  3. ERAMON provides us with an indispensable carrier-independent solution. Giving us the flexibility to act quickly, should a change to a different carrier be more beneficial.


A reliable and quick service support capability was particularly important for us

The cooperative and competent communication between ERAMON’s support and our teams forms an indispensable pillar in the operation of the system. The best system is only as good as the continuously available and professionally-capable support from the provider. This is an area where we feel we are in good hands with ERAMON – any enquiries are dealt with competently, promptly, and transparently. In most cases, we will receive a qualified response or sometimes even a solution to our request on the same day.