A powerful network management software together with personal customer service

RAITEC IT Services is one of Austria’s largest and most successful IT systems providers, with locations in Linz, Innsbruck, and Salzburg. The core of our business is the operation of data centers and the decentralized operation of software and hardware structures for banks for the processing of all aspects of their businesses. Among our main customers are the Raiffeisenbankengruppe of Upper Austria, Tyrol, and Salzburg. We also have cooperation agreements with the Hypo Banks Upper Austria and Salzburg.

RAITEC IT Services has been using the ERAMON system since 2011 in the areas of: Fault Management, Performance Management, Provisioning and Inventory. This allowed us to replace the majority of different management tools and to consolidate the tasks of the networking department on one platform. The synergies resulted in considerable savings.


The main advantages of the ERAMON modules we use are:

  1. ERAMON’s “Provisioning” module enables us to configure changes on our more than 3500 devices/21500 ports in a very short period of time; resulting in a significant increase of our operational efficiency. Allowing us to respond directly and promptly to demands from various sectors of the business, such as Security, Access and Authorization, Baselining, Quality of Service, as well as management.
    Alternative configurations or ideas are easily rolled out, with very low risk since all changes can be reverted to the original settings immediately.
    The “Provisioning” module also offers the possibility to automate the network management.
  2. The “Config Compliance Check” module is a big help in ensuring a high degree of operational safety and security. Every device can be checked via groups but also individually and fully automatically for continuous conformity based on defined standards.
  3. Correlated events and data from the “Performance Management” module gives us an up-to-date and clear insight into the operational status of our network whenever needed.
    Threshold values specified by us beforehand help to control and manage this very important tool and feed into further alert mechanisms such as SMS or email.
  4. The “Topology View” module provides a geographical picture of our network, with its status being updated automatically in real time and its graphical interface gives a clear and instant overview of all relevant information.
  5. A standards-compliant administration is particularly important in the financial and banking sector. The “Asset Management“ module provides us with an up-to-date status of all active and passive devices at any time. Besides a listing of all installed modules, it also shows their respective software.
    Together with the “Config Compliance Check” module this supplies us with all audit-relevant information at the click of a button.

Support is a very important component: We place particular value on having a personal contact at the supplier’s side. Someone who we can talk to about our specific requirements. In ERAMON we have found a partner who lives up to these expectations: All support issues are dealt with competently and promptly, very often even on the same day.