A powerful, yet flexible network management software for all your tasks

We have been using the ERAMON software since 2011 in the areas of: Fault Management, Performance Management, Provisioning, and Inventory. We use it to manage the company’s more than 4700 network devices. Up to then we used a performance management system that worked with the help of scripts as a network management system. However, our increased monitoring and alert requirements exceeded its capacities.

With the ERAMON software we were able to achieve significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and reaction speed in all areas.


ERAMON’s major advantages for us are:

  1. In the area of fault management, we can rely on the benefits of the “Operations” module. A huge advantage is the flexible design of alerts on the basis of scripts, in combination with various data from daily operations, resulting in a faster clearance of errors.
    In addition to this, we also have a NOC view that was designed and programmed to meet our requirements.
  2. The ERAMON Performance Management module plays a central role in the analysis of current and historic performance data. ERAMON enables us to automate the generation, transmission and saving of reports flexibly and where necessary to specific individuals.
  3. As a service provider to the banking sector, a standards-compliant administration of our network is particularly important. The “Config Compliance Check (CCC)” module supplies us with all audit-relevant information at the click of a button. It offers a quick and detailed overview of any deviations in the configuration management, such as a continuous verification that the QoS settings on relevant devices are identical.
  4. Using the “Provisioning” module allows us a very time-efficient configuration of devices, both in the initial configuration as well as any subsequent changes, and gives us a time-saving of up to 85 percent.
  5. With the help of the “Customer Portal” our internal customers can also get a clear picture of the performance of their devices and connections for themselves.

Our satisfaction with ERAMON is also based to large degree on their Support. All requests are dealt with in an efficient, prompt, and friendly manner. Furthermore, we have the possibility to get specific requirements realized in a straightforward and reliable manner. The agile release process allows us to spread updates and upgrades flexibly and schedule these as required throughout the year.